Subject: The first Memberís meeting

Dear colleague, this way I am informing you that the first Memberís meeting of the our Association will be held on 26th of June, in the Ceremonial hall of the Faculty of Pharmacy (Belgrade), Vojvode Stepe 450, beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Timetable will be as follows:

  1. Report about activities of the AMAPSEEC during the last four months.

  2. Election of members for the Executive Council, Advisory Board and Board of Directors of the Association.

  3. On providing additional funds (plan of the activity adoption).

  4. On formation of working committees, regional training centres, common projects and databases of the AMAPSEEC.

  5. Information about the.comanisation of the second Conference (II CMAPSEEC), which will be kept in Greece next year.

  6. About the formation of new scientific journal, dealing with medicinal and aromatic plants, which will be basically AMAPSEEC's journal.

  7. About the preparation of Internet presentation of the Association.

  8. On the implementation of conclusions dealing with list of benefits set aside for the members of the Association.

  9. Transfer of the authorities, archives and seals to elected Executive Council of the Association.

  10. Determination of date and place for the keeping of the next regular Member's meeting.

According to our expectations (along with good preparation), it would be possible to go through all mentioned items during the four working hours (including breaks) determined for the keeping of the meeting. Just before the meeting, it will be enabled to accomplish payment of membership fees. Simultaneously, members will receive membership cards and invoices covering the mentioned payment.

We are calling you to join to the membership of the Association for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (AMAPSEEC), and to participate actively in the first Memberís meeting, which could markedly affect to our further activities. However, if you are not able to come at all, we would be very grateful to your opinion about mentioned questions in the written form.

We are very thankful for your efforts in supporting the Association for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries in this starting phase of its existence. We are staying completely opened for all yours further suggestions.

Sincerely yours,

Belgrade, June 15, 2001 President,
Mr. Mihailo S. Ristiś


Ad 1. This report will be presented at the beginning of the meeting. About its acceptance, members will decide by voting.

Ad. 2. For Executive Council 5 members will be elected (president, 2 vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer). Four of them should be from the country where AMAPSEEC headquarter is located. The opinion of this temporary managing body of the AMAPSEEC is that last one (one of vice-presidents) should be the president of the Organising Committee of upcoming scientific and professional meeting of the Association (II CMAPSEEC).

Ad. 3. Mentioned plan of activities should consist of plugging into lists of national NGOs and establishing of contact with selected potential donors. These activities should be adopted just as directives for the upcoming actions of the Board of Directors, which is de facto responsible for making such decisions (see Bylaws).

Ad. 4. There will be necessary to verify former suggestions and attitudes given as a base for the formation of working committees, regional training centres, common projects and databases of the AMAPSEEC. As in the previous case, Board of Director is in charge to make appropriate decisions.

Ad. 5. The information about the progress in preparation of the second Conference (II CMAPSEEC, Greece, 2002), will be given.

Ad. 6. Decision about the formation of new scientific journal, dealing with medicinal and aromatic plants (which will be basically AMAPSEEC's journal) should be made. For the implementation of such resolution Executive Council and Board of Directors should be put in charge. On the basis of their directions, ad hoc elected commission should define the details dealing with characteristics of that journal. After that, on the bases of the offers, which would be supplied by countries belonging to the Association, the decisions where the journal will be edited and printed would be made. It would be very nice if promotion of that journal coincide with our next conference.

Ad. 7. Decision about that must to contain very clear details (what would be put to that AMAPSEECís site). Such presentation should surely contain brief review of activities on the formation of the Association, Bylaw of the AMAPSEEC and data about the membership, as well as review of upcoming activities of the Association. Along with plugging (free of charge) Internet sites of supporting members into our site (or set up of appropriate links to them), it would be very good to enable to all those being interested in, to announce their supply and demand there (under the most favourable conditions). In that sense, mentioned supply and demand (of seeds and seedlings, herbal drugs, extracts, essential oils and related products) should contain the minimum of elements, what we have to define. Such minimum, for example, in the case of herbal drugs, could include name of drug (in Latin and in English), unit price, quality requirements matching the product (for example, DAB10, Ph. Eur. 3, etc.), package, terms of payment and delivery, as well as all other details, which we have to define). This (commercially oriented part of site), should surely contain offer of services, which MAP problematic assumes, too. Preparation of our Internet site should be finished till the beginning of September. After the basic set up, which will be accomplished under supervision of Executive Council, selected administrator (subordinated to the same Council) would periodically update this presentation. Behind set up of English version of our Internet presentation, it could be possible to think about preparation of versions covering local languages of SEE-countries (if any interest in that sense exists).

Ad. 8. See our previous communications/reports about that.

Ad. 9. This assumes standard transfer of the authorities, archives and seals to newly elected Executive Council of the Association.

Ad. 10. Next Member's meeting should be scheduled in the frame of our next conference (II CMAPSEEC), which will be kept in Greece, during the summer 2002.