From the Third Member's Meeting of the Association for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (AMAPSEEC)

Hotel Athos Palace, Chalkidiki, Greece (October 1, 2002, 19:30 h)


  1. Report about activities of the AMAPSEEC, Executive Council and Board of Directors in the period between the second and the third Member's Meeting.
  2. On the membership and available funds of the Association.
  3. Election of members for the Executive Council, Advisory Board and Board of Directors and headquarter of the Association.
  4. Information about the.comanisation of the third Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (3rd CMAPSEEC).
  5. Transfer of the authorities, archives and seals to elected Executive Council of the Association.


Ad 1. Presiding (M. Ristić, YU) has presented summary of the report of the activities of the Association in the mentioned period, underlining nesessity for enforcing effort of membership in activating AMAPSEEC's projects on the creation of regional journal, and directory of all those dealing with MAP's region from different aspects including, among others, researchers, collectors, producers, processors and traders. Given summary has been fully accepted. However, in open discussion followed it was not possible to make clear conclussions about the set up of common projects. Because of that it was concluded to finish clarifying this thing through appropriate questionnaire.

Ad. 2. According to the treasurer's records, until October 1, 2002, AMAPSEEC consisted of 84 members (8 supporting and 76 regular). Several members are still late with their payments.

Ad. 3. Presiding (M. Ristić, YU) has expressed his attitude on the necessity of relocation of the AMAPSEEC's headquarter. Simultaneously, he proposed to move headquarter of the Association to Bulgaria. However, colleagues from Bulgaria were not ready to accept this offer immediately, on this meeting. Because of very strong relationship of election of AMAPSEEC's headquarter with the election on of new managing bodies of the AMAPSEEC (see Bylaws), it was concluded to conduct appropriate questionnaire between our members, which would be relevant in making decission about these questiones.

Ad. 4. In front of the only potential host of the third Conference (till that time), presentation of offer of Nitra University (Slovakia), has been given by Dr. Ivan Šalamon. He informed the members that the 3rd Conference would be.comanized at the University of Nitra, in September 2004, where, along with common types of accomodation, student's hostels would be available for this purpose. Such very wide range of different offers for accomodation could increase accesability to all those being interested to participate in the 3rd Conference. Moreover,.comanisation at University could reduce significantly registration fees and accompanying expences. Bearing in mind that (according the Bylaws of the AMAPSEEC) making decission about time and place of keeping of our conferences (and other meetings) belong under jurisdiction of Board of Directors of the Association, presiding proposed potencial.comaniser to accept to.comanise the 3rd Conference (in all details) in agreement with directions, which would be supplied by AMAPSEEC's Board of Director. As at the Member's meeting Slovakian deputy, Dr. Ivan Šalamon, fully accepted this attitude,.comanisation of the 3rd Comference is given with trust to Slovakian side. So, 3rd Conference on Medicinal Plants of Southeast European Countries (3rd CMAPSEEC) will be held in September 2004, in Nitra, Slovakia.

Ad. 5. As the election of new members for the Executive Council, Advisory Board and Board of Directors, as well as selection of the new headquarter of the Association was not finished, making decision upon that item is delayed.



Prof. Milan Martinov, PhD

Mihailo S. Ristić, MSc

Chalkidiki, October 1, 2002