Record from the Fourth Member's Meeting of the Association for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (AMAPSEEC)

[Congress Hall of Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA), Nitra, Slovak Republic (September 8, 2004, 9:00 a.m.)]


  1. Report about activities of the AMAPSEEC, Executive Council and Board of Directors in the period between the second and the third Member's Meeting.
  2. On the membership and available funds of the Association.
  3. Election of members for the Executive Council, Advisory Board and Board of Directors and headquarter of the Association.
  4. Information about the.comanisation of the Fourth Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (4th CMAPSEEC).
  5. Information from the EUROPAM.


Ad 1. Presiding (M. Ristić, S&M) has presented summary of the report of the activities of the Association in the mentioned period, underlining necessity for enforcing effort of membership in activating AMAPSEEC's projects on the creation of regional journal, and directory of all those dealing with MAP's region from different aspects including, among others, researchers, collectors, producers, processors and traders. Given summary has been fully accepted.

Ad. 2. According to the treasurer's records, till the beginning of the 3rd Conference, AMAPSEEC consisted of 145 members (9 supporting and 136 regular) from 13 countries. One of the most active members and member of the Advisory Board, Dr. Milan Nikolić, suddenly died just a month before the start of the 3rd Conference. Till the end of the conference we had 9 supporting and 165 regular members from 15 countries. Available financial funds consists of about 3.000 Euro, but 1/3 of this sum is in local currency of the country, where headquarter of the Association is situated. From the foundation of the AMAPSEEC, payments were accomplished for renting Internet site and appropriate provider service (about 100 Euro/year). Several members are still late with their payments. Subsequently, list of members should be seriously and extremely carefully revised. To provide collecting of additional funds for the Association, it was decided to include possibility of the acceptance of donations in the Bylaws of the AMAPSEEC.

Ad. 3. According to the results of questionnaires dealing with selection of new managing bodies and headquarter of the AMAPSEEC, headquarter remains in Belgrade, while for the members of Executive Council were elected Mihailo Ristić (president), Jan Kišgeci (vice-president), Vassilios Roussis (vice-president), Dejan Brkić (secretary) and Ljiljana Lupšić (treasurer). Simultaneously, all active members of Advisory Board were reelected. Membership expressed gratitude to the former members of the Executive Council, Prof. Dr. Milan Martinov and Prof. Dr. Vlastimir Stamenković for their efforts, results and dedication to the ideas of the Association.

Ad. 4. As the introduction presiding presented relatively weak response to the questionnaire that had been launched in order to elevate selection of the host for the next – 4th Conference, which actually did not contain any substantial offer. After that, as announced speaker Prof. Gogu Gh.comhita, Rector of the University of Bacau, addressed the present colleagues.

Acting as a deputy of the group of 27 researchers from Romania, as well as participant of all of our conferences, he firstly reviewed the first three conferences. In his inspired speech, he gave valuable recognition to.comanisers of these meetings. Furthermore, he expressed attitude of Romanian colleagues present in Nitra, to reconsider possibility of.comanising the 4th Conference in Romania. In such occasions meeting would be.comanised in Iassi, Piatra Neamt or Bacau, at the end of spring, or beginning of summer 2006. It was assumed that nomination had been given preliminary, provisory and without any obligation. However, Prof. Gh.comhita promised to inform the Executive Council about the final decision dealing with nomination of Romanian side for the host of the 4th Conference, which would be made within next few months, needed to accomplish all necessary consultations. At the end he expressed his expectation for establishing better substantial cooperation between colleagues from different countries, which will lead to the formation of joint teams of researchers and common projects (to see full speech click here).

In return, presiding thanked to Prof. Gh.comhita for offer given by Romanian side and expressed his impression that Romanians are surely capable to.comanise next conference properly. He also found Romania as the best solution for the host of the 4th Conference and offered every possible help from the HQ of the Association and other members of the AMAPSEEC.

Ad. 5. Acting as a deputy of EUROPAM, Tatiana Onisei PhD, Head of the Research Department of ROPAM, Romania, addressed present colleagues. She firstly explained position of the EUROPAM in the EU, and its attitude to those working on the similar problems in their countries, which are not members of the EU. At the end, in the name of EUROPAM and his president, she invited present to join the big family of MAP growers and to put together common experience, knowledge and efforts for a better future (to see full speech click here).



Dejan Brkić, PhD

Mihailo S. Ristić, MSc

Nitra, September 8, 2004