Dear colleague,

During the First Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries participants recorded few hundred photos, which could be assumed as an additional part of documentation from this meeting. Trying to preserve these pictures as a part of the heritage from the Conference it was decided to convert all of them into low-resolution electronic format and put all these files here, making them available for all of us. However, knowing that reviewing of such number of photos could be exhausting, as well as that interest to see all these pictures could be extremely restricted, our decision was to sort them partially and make them available on three different ways. All pictures are located in sub-directory photos as jpg-files and could be reviewed using common image viewers as ACDSee, PowerShot, or similar, available as shareware software through the internet connections. Such approach is surely the most exhausting and makes possible review of definitely all the photos, but without any comments. The other approach does not require additional software (image viewers). List of participant's contain links to appropriate files from the picture gallery, which along with photos contains short comment about persons presented there. There are possibilities that few participants were not photographed or recognized and that certain personal galleries do not exist at all. Such participants could try to find it reviewing all the pictures using one of mentioned image viewers. Finally, majority of participants is presented in the part of gallery where selected group photos from different events has been given. These covers: Opening ceremony, Cocktail party, group photos taken in front of hotel, excursion to Oplenac and Farewell dinner and entertainment.