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Review of activities after the registration of the Association

After the registration of the Association, on April 16, 2001, information about the formation of the AMAPSEEC and call into membership, and new, the second revision of Bylaws of the Association were distributed to potential members. Approximately to months later (on June 15), call for the first Member's meeting of the Association was distributed, enabling to all those being interested in it, to prepare themselves and to participate. The first Member's meeting was kept on June 26, in Belgrade, where the agreement about several subjects, very important for the future of the Association had been achieved. Nevertheless to the several very important conclusions, which could be occurred in the Record from the first Member's meeting, because of number of circumstances, activities of working bodies of the Association and their members, during the summer period were rather modest.

The second (extraordinary) Member's meeting, was held on October 17, in the frame of the Seventh Manifestation "Days of Medicinal Plants",.comanised by Institute for Medicinal Plant Research "Dr. Josif Pančić" (Belgrade). Record from the second Member's meeting, contains data describing the actual situation in the Association, as well as the its current activities. More then ever earlier, activities on providing additional funds, necessary for improvement of AMAPSEEC's financial base, are required. This action should be focused to providing additional funds for free exchange of regional professionals, financing of our regional journal and financing of our the second Conference.

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